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Turning a T-nozzle on a lathe

2 weeks ago I got myself a small model scale lathe called "UNIMAT 1". It is a construction kit and enables you to assemble a number of different machines: jigsaw, woodturning lathe, lathe for soft, coloured or precious metals, drilling machine, milling machine and a sanding machine. So far I am very happy with it. My only regret is that I have not bought it years ago already!

UNIMAT lathe

This is the lathe, which can be assembled quickly.

tnozzle Step 1turning down

My first piece of beech wood, partly turned down, with a 3.5 mm center bore. The turning tool is clamped down by a black jaw, below.

forming the water and air outlet

The water/air outlet is turned. Vacuum cleaner inlet on the right to keep the workbench tidy.

working on the thick end

I changed the wood piece; the cone which will be inside the bottle is being turned.

outer shape ready

Side view of the inside cone, finished.

inlet begin

First steps on the funnel-shaped inlet ...

inlet ready

... almost done.

tnozzle ready1

After the first test piece in beech wood, I changed to PVC as the nozzle material. Here you see the finished piece after the same steps as shown above. I made it a good deal shorter, though.
The wall is quite thick - it needs to withstand the impact of the nozzle on the bottle neck after leaving the launch tube.

tnozzle ready2

View of the nozzle outlet.

assembling sequence

Assembly of the T-nozzle.From the left:
1. T-nozzle
2. bottle neck, cut off.
3. plastic tubing, 20 mm OD, 16 mm ID. It is pushed over the T-nozzle cone. This must be done INSIDE the bottle, unless you use a spliced bottle.

assembled in bottle

T-nozzle inside the bottle, readily assembled.

assembled in bottle, detail

T-nozzle inside the bottle, readily assembled, enlarged view.

RuMMa2 after start      RuMMa2, ascending

See HERE a testflight of my RuMMa2 rocket with this self-machined T-nozzle.



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