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SEAM (Simple, but Exact AltiMeter)

All of us rocketeers want to know, how high their rockets went into the skies. With this simple means you can determine the altitude pretty well.

What you need:

  1. a tripod (use that from your SLR camera)
  2. a protractor of some kind
  3. a string
  4. a nut or some other weight.
  5. a piece of string
  6. an ankle iron
  7. some tape; use screws fore something more durable.

Here is what my SEAM looks like
There is a tiny drilled hole for the string at the origin of the protractor. The protractor is taped to the ankle iron.
Here is my friend Claus Pfeifer, tracking one of our water rockets.
... and myself
SEAM improved sight Here are my latest improvements: 2 identical clothespins with 2 small rubberbands, carefully positioned to be parallel to the protractor baseline.

With these, the rockets can be tracked much easier and more accurately than with the baseline only - right picture).


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