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Model hovercraft from an old CD

 A pretty handicraft project for kids on a Sunday afternoon!
hover construction: CD, bottle cap, neck top, balloon The basic construction: a PET bottle cap is glued to an old CD.

The threaded part of a PET bottle is cut off, a balloon is pulled over the bottleneck.
The rim of the cap can be trimmed a little to make room for the balloon's lip.

A hole of 4 ... 4,5 mm is drilled into the center of the cap.

prototype hovercraft: friction between balloon and surface

Filling the balloon is easy: inflate it through the bottleneck, 1 turn of the neck closes the tubular end. Then screw the bottleneck into the cap.
This arrangement had one disadvantage: while hovering over the floor, the balloon bent sideways, acting like a brake on the floor.

paper sleeve to eliminate braking

 To prevent the balloon from bending sideways, we made a paper sleeve.

another filling technique

Tim, showing another filling technique.

animated picture: blowing the hovercraft

The finished hovercraft, gliding elegantly and frictionless over the floor. Nieces Hanna and Flora drive it through the room. Sorry, no sound available!

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Luftkissenfahrzeug  aus einer alten CD im Selbstbau

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