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Launch report: RuMMa2 PET finned 2 liter rocket

and finless rocket on 31.03.2001


Myself with RuMMa2 rocket Myself with the RuMMa 2 liter rocket on the launcher, ear protection around neck, pointing to the CG (center of gravity). See here how to build it.

It performed great, rising and falling straight like an arrow.

My SEAM measurements gave around 130 metres height at 9 bar and 600 ml water, with launch tube.

Crumpeled RuMMa2 nose This was the nose after return from over 100 m. The tennis ball absorbed a good part of the kinetic energy, the rest went into the bottle.
Immediately after impact, we inflated the bottle to fold out the crumpled area again - the material should not "get used" to the crumpled form. After that, it looked like new!

We had 4 starts, the bottle could still hold 9 bars of pressure without any leak!

Such a rocket is fun. It does not need an active deployment system.

My friend Claus Pfeifer My friend Claus Pfeifer after reconstituting the crumpled nose.
Finless Rocket, with overweight This is Gollump 3, one of the finless rockets we tested today, on the launcher. It's flight was far from perfect. The flight report is included on it's construction page.



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