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Successful launch of CP1 on 22. 09.2000

Here we are back again. Unfortunately the guy who lent me his digital camera forgot to load it with the compact flash memory card, so I can't show you pictures from the actual launch.
Rocket CP1 with chute. Here is a picture of CP1, taken at home after the launch. The rocket consists of two 0.5 liter Fanta bottles plus the horizontal chute deployment head. The white thread is the shock cord.

In short, it was a big success and a great joy to see the CP1 rocket jump into the sky, then coming slowly down back to earth without that annoying THUD sound, which usually goes along with some damage to the rocket body or fins.

I must admit we were a little excited before launch due to the mishap last time and the relatively long preparations. Are you ready to accompany us to the launch? Since I have no photos, close your eyes instead (really, this adds to the illusion) and listen to this  MP3 file (39 seconds, 156 kB only), taken with my Psion palmtop.

Elsewhere I have written how to take accurate time marks with the Psion. Here is what I found for the first successful chute flight (times derived from the sound file, altitude from the SEAM):
altitude 80 m
tup 3.2 sec
tdown/woChute 3.8 sec
tdown/wChute 14.1 sec

These numbers don't match too well with the simulator results; I have to take some more measurements and find out the culprits and better Cd matching.



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