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Launch of CP1 on 15. 09.2000

The maiden voyage with the setup described here was very successful for 3.5 seconds: launching the CP1 with only 4 bars, it went up beautifully.

0.5 seconds after apogee the CHUTE STARTED TO DEPLOY, HOORAY.

When it unfolded completely, it was ripped off the rocket. As most of us have seen often, the rocket accelerated to an unhealthy speed straight down ....

3 whinies

Yes, by now the brainwave hit me too, somewhat late: the connecting string from the chute to the rocket was WAY too thin.

Like most of us, I learn well from my errors. That's why I show it here for YOU to avoid the same stupid thing.

If you ever rebuild this, USE A STRONGER STRING and some kind of shock absorber for fixing the chute to the rocket .

How was the outcome?

With some more detail:
Outcom in detail

After repair, using PUR-Leim 501 from Kleiberit, a German replacement for PL premium:
Chute assembly rebuilt

 See us next week (=here) for another try!



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