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Water Rocket Pages from U. Hornstein

A project from uh-lab.de

Gyro assembling a rocket

Researching and playing with Water Rockets (WR) is a lot of fun. These pages are meant mostly for experienced water rocketeers. However, beginners will find many useful tips as well.
There are other pages listed on my links page where you can find more general information about water rockets. I don't see any sense in repeating general knowledge which has been described so well so often on other pages.

Below there are links to some highlights; much more can be seen by using the menu (left).


The most interesting pages

The latest additions

Rotary Kite = fun page (November 2005)

Windmill from PET bottles (May 2005)

Doll's Washing Machine (26.7.2004)

Chain Reaction (137 physical effects in a row)   (10.7.2004)

Flugtag Wasenweiler (RC models, WR, helicopters; 6.6.2004)

Knatterboote and a Cola Gondola   (June 2004)

Model hovercraft from an old CD (31.1.2004)

Timmi's Water Rocket Car  (2.11.2003)

Altitude Measurement Method Comparison

Catapult for Humans WR powered  (29.9.03)

Russell's World Tour - Freiburg, Germany (16.7.2003)
+  Speed Measurements with animations

NPL Water Rocket Challenge 2003 (UK, 25.6.03)


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